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Morgan Llywelyn
The Easter Rising of 1916 was a major turning point in Irish history. Peopled by patriots and poets, fueled by a desperate desire for freedom, and played out in the historic streets of Dublin.
21: The Final Unf...
Patrick O’Brian
“[T]his all too brief introduction to another salty adventure will provide scholars and O'Brian aficionados with intimate insight into the author's creative process.”—Booklist
Acid Bath: To Ear...
Vaseleos Garson
An adaptation of Garson's classic old-school scifi in the tradition of the paperbacks and pulps.
Across the Years
Tracie Peterson
The historical Harvey girls will delight listeners with their intrigue and surprise.
Showing results 1 to 4 of 471 titles
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Historical Best Sellers
Shelters of Stone...
Jean M. Auel
16 hours 31 minutes
Jondalar and Ayla journey to the home of his people, and find people wary of the beautiful young woman he has brought back, with her strange accent and her tame wolf and horses.
Silver Pigs, The
Lindsey Davis
2 hours

A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of Lindsey Davis's bestselling novel.

Big Country, Vol....
Louis L'Amour
2 hours 30 minutes
In “Ride, You Tonto Raiders,” a man on his deathbed gives Matt Sabre $5,000 and begs him to take the money to his wife who is alone defending the family ranch. “War Party” brings together a boy on the brink of manhood, a resourceful frontier woman, and a
Scarlet Letter, The
Nathaniel Hawthorne
9 hours 3 minutes
The classic American story of Hester Prynne, accused of adultery, ostracized by her Puritan community, and abandoned by both her lover and her husband.
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