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Amelia Bedelia Au...
Peggy Parish

Five of the most popular Amelia Bedelia books in one collection.

Behold the Bold U...
Jack Prelutsky
A delightful collection of incredible, funny, extraordinary poetry from Jack Prelutsky.
Best Halloween Ev...
Barbara Robinson

The Herdmans plus Halloween has always spelled disaster...!

Boy Who Could Fly...
Sally Gardner
A magical story about a child with a special gift and an amazing ability to be able to make things better....
Showing results 1 to 4 of 88 titles
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Humor Best Sellers
Don't Cook Cinder...
Francesca Simon
1 hour
Imagine the Chaos-Fairytale goodies and baddies at school together. As hilarious as Horid Henry...
Invisible Boy, The
Sally Gardner
1 hour 10 minutes
One night Sam notices a tiny spaceship in the cabbage patch. Out of it steps a little alien called Splodge with the power to make Sam invisible...
Horrid Henry's Un...
Francesca Simon
1 hour
Four more stories about everyone's favourite awful child, Horrid Henry-Horrid Henry negotiates about eating vegetables, finds himself wearing the wrong underpants with dreadful consequences...
Horrid Henry and...
Francesca Simon
1 hour
First, Horrid Henry has his courage put to the test when confronted with Nurse Needle and a nasty injection. Then it is rivalry between Henry's and the Secret Clubs as they try to outwit each other..
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