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13½  Lives of Cap...
Walter Moers; Translated by John Brownjohn
A cult classic wherever it has been published, this is an epic adventure of fantasy, science fiction, myth, and fairy tale about a blue bear with twenty-seven lives.
Adventures of Sup...
Dirk Maggs
From Superman's very first deed of daring to his battle of wits with evil business tycoon Lex Luthor, 'The Adventures of Superman' tells the story of the Man of Steel from the beginning.
Lewis Carroll
In an enchanting performance, two time Academy Award(R) winner Sally Field taked us on a topsy-turvy adventure through Wonderland.
Lewis Carroll

The fantasy worlds in which Alice finds herself introduce her to some well known characters!

Showing results 1 to 4 of 220 titles
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Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Magic Best Sellers
Invisible Boy, The
Sally Gardner
1 hour 10 minutes
One night Sam notices a tiny spaceship in the cabbage patch. Out of it steps a little alien called Splodge with the power to make Sam invisible...
Chronicles of Nar...
C. S. Lewis
2 hours 20 minutes
The third book in the classic Narnia collection, filled with mystery, magic, treachery and intrigue.
Charlie and the G...
Roald Dahl
3 hours 30 minutes
Now that he's won the chocolate factory, what's next for Charlie?
Boy with the Magi...
Sally Gardner
1 hour 15 minutes
When Billy Pickles' dad leaves home to live in New York, he gives Billy a money-box. Billy's not sure where to put in the money, and not sure why his dad has left...
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