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Break the Smoking...
Maggie Staiger
Long-time hypnotist Maggie Staiger created this extremely effective hypnosis program to help you break the smoking habit, once and for all.
Calm Center Durin...
Maggie Staiger
Clinical hypnotist and MS patient Maggie Staiger, who has worked as a paramedic and health-care educator, created this hypnosis audio specifically for anyone dealing with stressful medical issues.
Completely Relax...
Darren Marks
Unwind within minutes and allow yourself to feel totally calm and peaceful. (self hypnosis audio)
Confidence & Self...
Darren Marks
Improve Your Confidence and Fulfil Your Potential (self hypnosis audio)
Showing results 1 to 4 of 45 titles
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Self Hypnosis Best Sellers
Forgiveness (self...
Darren Marks
20 minutes
Let Go of the Pain Others Have Caused and Feel Free Today (self hypnosis audio)
Release Anger (se...
Darren Marks
31 minutes
Be Assertive Yet Relaxed Calm and in Control and Let Go of Anger Now (self hypnosis audio)
Let Go of Fear (s...
Darren Marks
30 minutes
Remain Calm and In Control No Matter Life Throws at You (self hypnosis audio)
Overcome Fear of...
Darren Marks
23 minutes
Feel Confident, Relaxed, and Remain in Control When Driving (self hypnosis audio)
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