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109 East Palace
Jennet Conant
In this deeply moving account, Conant reveals an enigmatic man, who served his country at tremendous personal cost.
21: Bringing Down...
Ben Mezrich
#1 National Bestseller! The amazing inside story about a gambling ring of M.I.T.students who beat the system in Vegas -- and lived to tell how.
Across The Plains...
Virginia Reed Murphy
The story of the Donner Party is very much the story of James F. Reed's family. The adopted daughter of Reed, Virginia Reed Murphy's memoir is a noteworthy recounting of the Donner party disaster.
Adrift on an Ice Pan
Sir Wilfred Grenfell
In 1908 Dr. Wilfred Grenfell, a medical missionary in northern Newfoundland, was traveling by dog team to treat a patient. Grenfell’s own account of his near-fatal misadventure.
Showing results 1 to 4 of 150 titles
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Biographical Best Sellers
Seven Pillars of...
T E Lawrence
3 hours 50 minutes
Although Lawrence of Arabia died in 1935, the story of his life has captured the imagination of succeeding generations.
Lives of the Twel...
7 hours 15 minutes
Suetonius wrote Lives of the Twelve Caesars in the reign of Vespasian around 70AD. He chronicled their extraordinary careers, presenting perspicacious insights into the men as much as their reigns.
Trial and the Dea...
4 hours 40 minutes
The trial and death of Socrates remains a powerful document not least because it gives a first-hand account of the end of one of the greatest figures in history.
Other Boleyn Girl...
Philippa Gregory
6 hours 30 minutes
The million-copy best a major motion picture, two sisters compete for the greatest prize: the love of a king.
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