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A Guide To Altern...
Andy Guides
People are suffering every day and even doctors who claim to be the best in their field cannot relieve their suffering. Today's society is in need of a change....
A Guide To Altern...
Andy Guides
This is an unabridged Part 1 of the audio book and is provided free of charge. To buy the complete version, including the free e-book, simply enter "A Guide To Alternative Medicine" in the search box.
A Guide To Dream...
Andy Guides
Have you ever wondered why you dream, and what those dreams mean? While every dream is unique to the person who dreams it, the world of dream interpretation is a rich, fascinating and exciting one.
Achieve Your Chos...
Dr. Arnd Stein
The “Achieve Your Chosen Weight ” self-help program by Dr. Arnd Stein can support you in a decisive way to reach and keep your right weight with which your are happy.
Showing results 1 to 4 of 46 titles
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Alternative Therapies Best Sellers
Optimum Mind Perf...
Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
1 hour 14 minutes
The subconscious mind works as a servo-mechanism, or radar. Whatever you play, you get. Bring prosperity to you by working in the theater of your mind.
Wellness music vo...
Dr. Arnd Stein
1 hour 3 minutes
Then indulge in this audio luxury - a treat for body and soul. In cooperation with the renowned arranger Reiner Burmann and numerous well-known live-musicians, Dr. Arnd Stein has produced a very speci
Emotions -  Relax...
Dr. Arnd Stein
30 minutes
A musical speciality! A continious arrangement lasting 30 minutes, the harmonious balance between melody and sound spectrum, the psychologically selected dramaturgic sequency
Brahma Kumaris -...
Brahma Kumaris
55 minutes
A series of meditation commentaries introducing meditation in a light entertaining way through creative visualization and positive affirmations.
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