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Adrift on an Ice Pan
Sir Wilfred Grenfell
In 1908 Dr. Wilfred Grenfell, a medical missionary in northern Newfoundland, was traveling by dog team to treat a patient. Grenfell’s own account of his near-fatal misadventure.
Adrift: 76 Days L...
Steven Callahan
The true story of Steven Callahan alone and adrift at sea for 76 days
Advent - General...
Learn about the history of Advent with iMindsJNR audio learning series for younger minds.
After Chancellors...
Edited by Judith A. Bailey and Robert I. Cotton
This collection of letters reveals the Civil War for many who lived it, overwhelming and ultimately tragic, viewed through the eyes of a courageous youth and an unforgettable young woman.
After Fidel: The...
Brian Latell
This compelling, behind-the-scenes look into the Castro brothers’ remarkable relationship reveals how Fidel and Raul have collaborated for years and challenges the view of the little-known Raul as an insignificant player. Latell projects what kind of leader the younger brother and designated...
Against All Enemies
Richard A Clarke
Inside America's War on Terror. The disturbing truth about the war on terror, written and read by Richard A. Clarke.
Age of Chivalry, The
Thomas Bulfinch
Bulfinch's masterpiece of history and fable recounts the tales of Arthur and the Round Table and how the Arthurian legend has metamorphosed from medieval Welsh texts through French romances to obscure British histories. This book not only tells the King Arthur tales but also explains the...
Jerry Robbins
Story of the famed Confederate Warship and scourge of the Union shipping fleet
Alamo, The
Jerry Robbins
Spectacular epic production of one of the worlds most famous battles
Alamo, The
John Myers Myers
"Those who doubt the greatness of men can leave this book alone or read and recant. This follows the story of the seige of the Alamo. It is one of the mightiest tales that the history of this or an...
Showing results 25 to 34 of 1043 titles
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