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Gareth Tilley
THE RADINSKI AUTOMATON Professor Radinski’s Automaton is truly a remarkable machine, more skilful, graceful and talented then any man alive. But is there also a dark secret at the heart of the machine
"Shoot, Minnie, S...
Happy Jack Feder
In 1903, among the three hundred Indian children living at a boarding school in a remote valley in Montana were a handful of teenage girls. They quickly learned to play basketball and resoundingly crushed all opponents, including men’s and women’s university teams. In less than one year after...
’Til Death
After nearly being killed, Celess imagined she’d put courting danger behind her. But a chance meeting with a fellow daredevil changes her plans.
1000 Years of Lau...
David Timson

This delightful anthology presents some of the funniest extracts in English literature.

Showing results 1 to 4 of 5372 titles
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Fiction Best Sellers
Jane Eyre
Charlotte Bronte
7 hours 47 minutes
In this classic, a governess--after a sad childhood--still hopes for happiness.
Match Me If You Can
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
11 hours

Continuing on from Susan Elizabeth Phillips brilliant first novel, This Heart of Mine.

Sherbrooke Bride,...
Catherine Coulter
12 hours 9 minutes
The first novel in Catherine Coulter's popular historical romance series featuring the Sherbrooke family.
Haunted in Death
J.D. Robb
3 hours
Lieutenant Eve Dallas investigates a murder that takes place in a building reputed to be haunted, only to find that sometimes murder can have an otherworldly cause.
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