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Alice in Wonderland
Lewis Carroll
Some claim this tale is a satire on language, an allegory, or a parody. It is nevertheless a fairy tale about the trials and tribulations of growing up, or down—or all turned round—as seen through ...
Amelia Earhart: Y...
Jane Moore Howe
Did you know that Amelia Earhart built her own roller coaster before she was ten years old? And what do you suppose happened to her while she was exploring a spooky, dark cave? Find the answers and share the rest of Amelia Earhart's childhood adventures in this award-winning volume of the Young...
Animal Fair And O...
BBC Audiobooks
Ideal for young children listening at bedtime or in the car, includes favourites such as: The Wheel On The Bus; On The Farm; and Beside the Seaside.
Anne of Avonlea
L. M. Montgomery
The orphan girl Anne Shirley, now grown, returns to Avonlea to teach in the same village where she herself studied.
Showing results 1 to 4 of 171 titles
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Juvenile Best Sellers
Kids Optimum Mind...
Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
57 minutes
Kids stop skin picking with original Interactice Self-Hypnosis. Includes deep relaxation & suggestions for managing compulsive habits in the moment.
Just So Stories
Rudyard Kipling
1 hour 5 minutes
How did the leopard get his spots? How did the camel get his hump? How did an inquisitive little elephant change the lives of elephants everywhere?
Anne's House of D...
L. M. Montgomery
8 hours
Everyone who loves the irrepressible, red-haired Anne Shirley longs to know more about her. On the very eve of her wedding to Dr. Gilbert Blithe, Anne is about to leave Green Gables forever.
Come on Seabiscuit
Ralph Moody
3 hours 30 minutes
Who would've believed that an ungraceful little colt called Seabiscuit would be one of the most celebrated racehorses in history? This is the thrilling tale of a plucky horse who refused to quit, h...
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