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Battle Within The Bulge, The
Battle Within The Bulge, The
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Categories :  General
War & Military
Publisher :  Wollcott & Sheridan Aural Performance Library
Author :  K. Anderson Yancy
Narrator :  Jimmer Bolden, Kirk Bradley, Ben Fahy, Johnathan Goodwin, Robert Gworek, Don Kapa, Mike Klicman, Michael Latishaw, Michael Summers, Walter Murray, Greg Rhode, Dan Ryman, John Terenin, Anne Welles, Gary Zupkas & K. Anderson Yancy
Length :  2 hours 10 minutes (Unabridged)
Download Price :  $5.25
Format :  Encoded Windows Media
© 2007 Wollcott & Sheridan Aural Performance Library

A SonicMovie, produced by, SonicMovies are premium audios with strong vocal performances enhanced by music and sound effects to such an extent they sound like movies, hence, SonicMovies.

A SonicMovie form – The Battle Within The Bulge - During WWII’s Battle of The Bulge, an African-American Captain in a testament to human resilience, leavened by healthy doses of ingenuity and humor, struggles to mold battle-scarred African-American and White survivors from segregated units into a single effective fighting force amidst the horrors of the conflict and myriad forms of racism including Black on Black.

Presented by Wollcott & Sheridan ( / & K. Anderson Yancy.

CAUTION: Contains Adult Themes, Situations & Language!

Historical and Social Significance of The Story & The Battle:

During the Second World War, African-American and White soldiers saw combat in totally segregated units until December 16, 1944. On that date, the Nazis launched their last major offensive--Hitler’s Master Stroke, Die Wacht Am Rhein (The Watch On The Rhein) or, as we called it, The Battle of The Bulge. With Allied troops decimated by the German spearhead and facing a continuing Nazi onslaught, integration became a necessity of survival.

This engagement is an integral part of U.S. History and became a catalyst for social changes that are even now still at work in the United States and the rest of the world.

As a direct result of The Battle of The Bulge, the U.S. Army was permanently integrated. In a domino effect, all military services were later desegregated, followed by the federal government and ultimately the private sector.

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