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200 Ways to Fight Global Warming
200 Ways to Fight Global Warming
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Categories :  Exercise & Healthy Living
Interpersonal Skills
Publisher :  Gregg R Watson
Author :  William Brand (Billy
Narrator :  Anonymous (Male)
Length :  2 hours 45 minutes (Unabridged)
Download Price :  $4.75
Format :  Downloadable MP3
© 2009 Gregg R Watson

Let’s start with the bottom line. Global warming is the most important environmental issue facing mankind. Those words came from a U.S. Department of Energy Report and the same sentiments have been echoed by every serious scientist in the world. There is no doubt that we’re witnessing tremendous climate change. The evidence is indisputable.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the immediate economic and personal interests of many powerful people are threatened by the prospect of taking action to avoid global warming. So, we’re saddled with ineffective politicians who refuse to acknowledge the problem and who would probably be incapable of devising a solution anyway. That leaves it to us. To you and me. What was once a “far out” theory has become the source of daily headlines.

We’re looking at a very real problem and it’s up to us to solve it.

Global warming is a huge risk. We’re not just talking about retiring our winter coats in favor of lighter jackets. World agricultural production is at stake. We’re staring down the barrel of a string of famines, floods and other weather disasters, political instability and violence, additional environmental degradation and an all-out unravelling of society as we know it.

Here are a few ABSOLUTE TRUTHS about global warming.

    1. The climate is changing.
    2. Things are getting warmer.
    3. Human activity contributes to global warming.
    4. Changes in human activity can fight global warming.
    5. If we don’t change things, we’re going to be facing disaster.

It’s a big problem. It’s such a big problem that it can seem overwhelming. What can one individual do in the face of a global crisis? What can you do to make a difference? Well, you can either join the club of people who, as Mark Twain once noted, “talk about the weather but do nothing to change it” or you can take action.

Do Your Part?

Do Your Part: How You Can Fight Global Warming will show you how to take action and how to make a difference.

You CAN fight global warming and Do Your Part: How You Can Fight Global Warming will show you how.


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