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Letter to a Christian Nation
Letter to a Christian Nation
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Two and a Half Stars
Category :  Religion & Spiritual
Publisher :  Simon & Schuster
Author :  Sam Harris
Narrator :  Jordan Bridges
Length :  2 hours (Unabridged)
Physical Price :  $19.95
Download Price :  $11.99
Format :  Downloadable MP3
World English
© 2007 Simon & Schuster

Immediate New York Times Best Seller . . .
The Challenge to Religious Dogma that has Sparked a National Debate!

"Forty-four percent of the American population is convinced that Jesus will return to judge the living and the dead sometime in the next fifty years," writes Sam Harris. "Imagine the consequences if any significant component of the U.S. government actually believed that the world was about to end and that its ending would be glorious. The fact that nearly half of the American population apparently believes this, purely on the basis of religious dogma, should be considered a moral and intellectual emergency."

In response to his award-winning bestseller The End of Faith, Sam Harris received thousands of letters from Christians excoriating him for not believing in God. 

Letter to a Christian Nation is his courageous and controversial reply.  Using rational argument, Harris offers a measured refutation of the beliefs that form the core of fundamentalist Christianity.

Addressing current topics ranging from intelligent design and stem-cell research to the connections between religion and violence, Letter to a Christian Nation boldly challenges the influence that faith has on public life in our nation.

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5 stars
June 2008meftuh from kitchener
0 stars Letter to a Christian Nation
The auther of this book is nothing, he refuted nothing, in fact, if he really had an argument to make, why won't he debate people like Mike Licona, William Lane Craig, or even Matt Slick, he won't debate any of them, and just sits on collectng money by selling misinformation.
July 2008ShinobiDJ from Somewher
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