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Four Stars
Categories :  General
Publisher :  Hachette Audio
Author :  James Siegel
Narrator :  Gregory Harrison
Length :  6 hours (Abridged)
Download Price :  $14.99
Format :  Encoded Windows Media
© 2010 Hachette Audio

Every day Charles Schine rides the 8:43 to do the job he has done for over a decade in a New York advertising agency. With a wife and an ill child who depend on him, Charles is not a man who likes changes or takes risks... until he is late for his regular train - and sits down across from the woman of his dreams.

Her name is Lucinda. Like Charles, she is married. Like Charles, she takes the train every day to work in New York City. Her train is the 9: 05, and tomorrow she will be on it again - and so will Charles. For there is something about Lucinda that will make Charles take a chance he shouldn't take, break a vow he shouldn't break, and enter a room he should never enter...

In a matter of days, a flirtation turns to a passion, and Charles and Lucinda are drawn into the dark side of the American Dream. In a matter of weeks, Charles's life is in shambles. A man is dead. A small fortune is stolen. Charles's home is violated and everything violently spirals out of control.

But Charles is about to discover that once you leave the straight and narrow, getting back on track is the most perilous journey of all.

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4 stars Derailed...a believable crazy roller coaster ride!
Sizzler is the first word that comes to mind. You'll see yourself falling away, a dynamic where you're going on this roller coaster couldn't have been done any more believable. The reason why it is so effective, the clever story from beginning absolutely works building a vice grip on your mind. A deadly serious game of true suspense, essentially...controlled by clever turns in the plot. Actually impossible not to enjoy it, I couldn't tear myself away. A sneaky thriller!
May 2007John Mignano from Warburton
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